My name is Missie Berteotti. As a professional golfer, my life and career have been devoted to learning all I can about what it takes to achieve mastery in sports performance. I love this subject!  Let me share with you all the wisdom I’ve gained and the lessons I’ve learned to empower you to be the best you can be.  I know the path- I’ve lived it-  I’ve studied it – and I have watched players go through it over and over for years.  I’m more than a “golf teacher”- I call myself a Coach- A Performance Coach!  I coach you to perform either by delivering a golf lesson on mechanics or helping you handle difficult mental challenges- or both!  At the underlying core of all my coaching is the focus on the fundamental principles of the Mental Mastery Program™.  Thank you for your trust and I look forward to working with you! 

  • Mental Toughness Training

    I lead this 2 day, 10- hour program on Mental and Emotional Training for Athletes. Enough emphasis exists in the area of physical fitness and the technique side of sports, but this important area of Mental and Emotional training has been largely unavailable to the greater number of golfers and other athletes. Professional golfers have their very own sports psychologist to address this area, but how are our young athletes supposed to learn about these critical themes?

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  • Junior Golfers

    Learning to play good golf involves more than just knowing what is wrong with your swing and how to fix it. Learning requires feedback and training over time, both on and off the course. Sign up for either the Serious Teens Program or the Young Guns Program with other like minded golfers and see the difference between being taught vs being coached. I help players take their skills from the range to the course and manage their thoughts and emotions under pressure.

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  • Business Golf Academy For Women

    I conduct this 1/2 day Keynote-Workshop tailor-made for women who know they need to enter this world of charity golf events and business golf events to further their opportunities in the business world. The first part of success is just showing up! I’ll teach you how to maneuver your way through a day on the course at an event, know the necessary etiquette,rules, formats, terminology, and even an hour long indoor group lesson on the actual technique of swinging so you can have the confidence to get out there and play in the golf outings!

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  • Golf Fitness

    As TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified Golf Coach, I offer a unique class that addresses your golf game and your fitness - your golf fitness specifically! This is one of my student’s most favorite programs. It takes place in a gym, and the results show up on the course! It includes instruction in golf technique and exercises specifically for golf swinging.

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