Through my learning with TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) and with The Certified Golf Coaches Association, I am committed to developing athletes, not just golfers. Why?  That is what makes good golfers !

“When juniors specialize in one sport too early, they may well lead the pack for a while, when they are young, but they can fail to develop the kind of athleticism required to compete at the upper levels of high school and for sure college level and beyond.”

 I offer this information to my parents, who often ask me if there is “more” I can do with their junior golfer.   Part of the “More” is  athleticism and other sports and another part of the “More” is The Young Guns Program!   It is for the younger golfer who is interested in advancing to the next level in golf but may not want to dedicate all their time solely to golf.  The “More” is the learning of athletic movements and learning coordination through a variety of movements. Basic golf fundamentals are emphasized and training aids are used to promote correct fundamentals from the start! This is so important to get off on the right foot.

I’m sure you have seen the young hot-shot suddenly start getting beat by all the kids he used to beat regularly and easily.  The hot-shot then could get really bummed and start to not like their sport and resent the sport and their parents for forcing/offering them the opportunity to  play.  And when the other better athletes catch up, they do so quickly!  Boom, the years of winning and dominating are over!  Now, the above might not be true in sports such as gymnastics, which is an early maturity and early specialization sport…….and early withdrawal and burnout!  You don’t see many 40- year olds doing gymnastics!  Golf is different from gymnastics.  Overuse and repetitive stress injuries represent another reason why juniors should not specialize at an early age.  So, to summarize, my plan is to take our time, let our junior athletes have fun, make friends, learn body movement patterns, learn specific motor skills through other activities I bring to the golf course.  They will develop and will learn to enjoy the game and the rituals, and have this gift of being able to play well and enjoy the game for their lifetime!

This 6- Week “Summer”PROGRAM INCLUDES:

  • Twice weekly one-hour practice sessions (12 sessions in all!)

    A more dedicated program for juniors’ ages 8-13

    6-week program     6:1 Athlete/ Coach ratio maximum

    Meets twice a week for a 1- hour each practice

    12 Total Hours

YOUNG GUNS MEET:  (Summer Only)

On Thursdays and Saturdays Class schedule as follows:

Thursdays: June 12, 19, 26, July 3, 10, 17 at 4:00.  Second Class at 5:00

Saturdays: June 14, 21, 28, July 5, 12, 19 at 11am.  Second Class at noon.

I will charge for only 11 sessions with a built in make up.  Class tuition is $330 . Contact me to get your Young Gun fired up!



“Winter” Group Programs at Bianco School of Baseball.

Also, giving private lessons in the Golf Simulator- Call for appointment; 412-398-5030