In my last blog, I talked about the benefit of being in a northern city like Pittsburgh.  How can that be you say?   Well, one thing you could get by being “away from the game” is  perspective!  When you live in Florida, there is a strong probability that you don’t see but only  one way to be a golfer.  Most golfers think if you don’t practice and play every day, you won’t get to be where you want to be!

Truly, that is not how it is. The old saying of quality over quantity is what I’m pointing to here.  Do you play with a high level of awareness?   Do you even know how to get to being in that state?”  Do you think yoga could  be a way to help you learn awareness – can you practice yoga in Pittsburgh?  When I was studying to become a yoga instructor,  my  yoga teacher told me  that yoga is “practicing with psychological penetration; not a physical pushing.”

While my driveway today is covered with almost 6 inches and I”m stuck inside, I am relaxing, taking pleasure in doing other hobbies I have in my life. The relaxation allows me some time to reflect and  bring some clarity as  to what I will attend to when I go back to the golf course.  Today in Pittsburgh,  I practice being able to come in and out of my focused attention through other hobbies and practices I have – like yoga.  It sounds counter productive but getting away and resting and seeing how your mind works in other sports and hobbies gives you a great perspective on how you play golf.

If you are in Florida everyday playing and doing the same thing, you could miss some great lessons that distance from your game  and  variety have to teach you.  It takes some energy to pay attention!  Take some time to rest and get out of that hot sun and hydrate!  Come up here to Pittsburgh and we’ll teach you how to stay energized and have perspective and be focused on the upside of  the things in your life!


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