Are you Committed?

To perform at our best, I need to know if you are committed!

Mental Mastery helps an athlete look at what it means to be committed.  I am the first to say you don’t have to eat, drink, and sleep golf to become great.  But, by examining your committement and then targeting the proper aspects of your game that need developing, you can really start to improve your performances.

Where are you in this sequence of degrees of commitment?

1.  Resistant

2.  Reluctant

3.  Existent

4.  Compliant

5.  Committed

6.  Or maybe even ……. Compelled? 

If you are committed, I’m sure you have, as part of your training, a type of Mental Training similar to the Mental Mastery Program. 

If you are not committed and just compliant, do yourself a favor (and us coaches) and don’t act like you think you should improve when you are not even addressing all essential aspects of the game. Practicing Mental Mastery is not a luxury; it is a necessary part of the training!

See Missie’s website to order her book on The Mental Mastery Program and for the schedule of her upcoming programs.