Paying Attention

As I was at my last collegiate golf tournament,  in the role of a coach, it occurred to me, a mature woman of 49 years of age, a14 year veteran of the LPGA Tour, a winner on the LPGA tour, a mother of a teenage son, a business owner, a homeowner… That these young ladies I was watching are young and a bit inexperienced !   In their youth, a lot of them don’t see the whole picture of where they are in the development of their games and what needs to be addressed next!  I see them spending their time and attention doing things that will not have much return for them. 
If they had my point of view, watching from the gallery, they could see what they look like on the golf course.  They could see why they are not as successful as they would like to be. 
I am not criticizing their work ethic.  I’m not criticizing who they are as people- they are great people! What I am saying is that when you have had the perspective I’ve had, you can easily see that the reason these young ladies are not quite where they want to be.  The game is more clear to us more experienced players who have seen the same patterns over and over and over.
It took me a while to learn all of this too.   I would say that the things off the golf course are as important- IF NOT MORE- than practicing hitting balls or practicing your putting.  These principles are what I teach in my Mental Mastery Program.  Principles such as:
1.      Awareness of yourself
2.      Patience
3.      Attitude
4.      Perspective
5.      Bouncing back from disappointment
6.      And treating yourself nicely!!  
These are commonly mentioned themes but it will be these good old fashioned lessons that will have some of these girls continue to develop their games and then start to kick it into 2nd gear.   The ones that don’t learn these lessons… will slowly start moving in other directions.  That is just the truth. 
My advice:  Take a Break- Stop the Action for Awhile.   Then, get some feedback from others you trust;  your coaches, your parents, your teammates.  Ask them what they see about you.  Compile your stats on yourself.  What are your weaknesses? What is your upward potential?  What is it that you need?
Then go about devising your practice days with that in the forefront and don’t get distracted!  It takes a lot to get to the LPGA Tour and then some more to stay there.  Pay attention and use your time and energy working on the important things.