I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with such extraordinary people. Here are a few words from those folks:

Bill Davis,

Master Professional Director of Instruction Jupiter Hills Country Club Tequesta, Florida

Many books have been written on the mental aspects of the game. Few do what ‘Mental Mastery Program’ does in such a simple, straight-forward manner. If you “master” this program, you’ll be on your way to lower scores!

Claude Brousseau MBA, PGA,

Kapalua Golf Academy Director of Coaching/Instruction Lahaina, Hawaii 2008 Aloha Section PGA Teacher of the Year Top Instructor in Hawaii by Golfing Magazine

Missie’s Mental Mastery Program is the real deal! It is a MUST read for all golfers who want to progress faster! She is providing a game plan for success at the range, on the course and in your life! It is full of practical activities to maximize your most precious resources; TIME & ENERGY. I will use much of her advice in my coaching.

Jerry Stone,

Coach of the Robert Morris Men and Women's Golf Teams


Janice Irwin,

Director/President USCTDP Tennis Program PTR Head Teaching Professional

Missie Berteotti has taken the mystery out of the critical subject of Mental Mastery in Competition. She defines the ten Principals that athletes must exhibit to be successful. Once the athlete examines their relationship to these principals, they can start to understand how they can improve in that area. These principles make my job as a coach much easier. When problems arise we can redirect the athletes attention to one of these 10 principles.

Thank you Missie, for giving us the tools to overcome this crucial subject of Mental Mastery. We all need this to rise to the top in life as well as competition.

Alyssa K.

Missie, I have already applied what you were talking about like… stepping out of our comfort zones and I have tried to volunteer more in class and things like that (letting go of looking good) and tried to ignore the fact that I am not 100 percent sure about the answer and at least I am contributing to the discussion. I know my mom told me this was not just going to help out with my golf life, but with class life, social life, etc. but not this much! I am so happy I came to your class instead of going to the birthday party I would have gone to. People said it was boring anyways. I want to come back and take another class! Thanks so much for all that you taught us through that class I really appreciate that.



I had no idea what to expect from the Mental Mastery Program when I signed up. I had hit a plateau in my tennis game and was frustrated from not seeing results from the practice time I was putting in. Going through the program was what got me through. I learned not to let things like plateaus bother me off the court and settle down and trust myself on the court. What also made a difference was having my coach go through with the program with me. As she watched me develop through the program, she could make adjustments targeted with the principles of the program. When I made the transition to college from high school a couple months later, I found out how much the program applied to everyday life and become a better person. I can definitely say the lessons I learned from the program are still with me today. Thanks!


Mental Mastery helped me totally transform as a golfer. I used to get so frustrated out on the course, and it was just a snowball effect to the rest of my round. After mental mastery, I would find myself on the course just letting things go much easier. Your class helped me learn to let go of my past mistakes, and leave them behind me. Without forgiveness you will never be able to grow and improve. Mentally Mastery not only taught me about golf, but also taught me some life lessons as well. It totally transformed me as a person, and I feel I have grown into a better person after the class and still trying everyday. Thank you!

Parent of Mental Mastery Student

The structured approach to the mental aspect of how to succeed on the course is a great foundation to prepare for pressure situations in the future. I really think the second (and even third) time he takes the course will help to really maximize the benefits surrounding the mental part of the game.


Student of Mental Mastery

The mental mastery course really helped me to learn not to think so much when I am on the course. It helped me to realize to trust what I had been practicing off the course and to play without thinking as much.

I thought the class really helps a golfer to better understand the mental side of golf, an aspect that is sometimes overlooked. You use a lot of different methods, which can be incorporated to work for any golfer.  I’ve been playing better since the last time we saw each other. I have been working hard on my short game and it is definitely improving. I finally feel like a good golfer again. Instead of trying to avoid shooting a 90 my goal is to shoot mid to high 70s. I still have a lot of room for improvement, but your class helped get me back on track.

Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHt,

Pittsburgh Sports Hypnosis Performance Specialist

The Mental Mastery Program is exactly what young athletes need as they develop their athleticism. This program offers a common sense approach to managing the 90% of the game easily ignored, yet highly effects our performances. Missie speaks to young people from the heart and with her experience as a golf pro and teacher and mom, she delivers a very clear and strong message. She truly has an athlete’s best interest in mind. This book is one to read and read again, because as the concepts sink in, they drive the game more powerfully.