I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with such extraordinary people. Here are a few words from those folks:


No amount of physical training can necessarily prepare you for that first tee on a golf course. Mental Mastery introduced me to other kids with the same mental blockages and fears as myself. The program helped me to gain more confidence and to trust myself. We participated in hands-on drills… It was great to see many kids start to put the past behind them, including myself.


What I liked most were the 10 key fundamentals. That was the biggest help because there was a main focus we were working toward in the program. Most of the principles stuck in my mind when actually playing the game. I also like the putting pendulum drill and the iron drill with the wiffle balls. Once I start to get frustrated the first thing I lose in my game is tempo. Both of these drills greatly helped me improve in that area. Overall, enjoyed the class and being able to talk to others who have the same expectations and faults. Since, the best golf I have played is when I go back to focusing on the main principles I learned in the mental mastery class. Thank you for everything. It has really helped!


The best thing I liked of the Mental Mastery Program was the putting drill we did in the classes. It helped me learn how to trust myself. Thank you so much.


I really enjoyed the getting out of my comfort zone. I think that it will really help me when playing, sometimes I do worry about what I look like in front of a lot of people. Last Wednesday I learned that it does not matter what other people think of you it is really all about what you think about yourself. I also learned that you need to be comfortable with who you are and also be happy with it. The main thing that grabbed my attention was how as the class went on I felt that I got more comfortable with standing up in front of the class. It was a lot of fun! Another thing that really stood out was how important communicating with your coach is, and also letting them know how you feel. I am going to try and focus on trying to not care as much about how I look and focus more on my technique.


I really liked your class. I learned that in order to get better strokes in tennis, you must be consistent, but also by keeping an open mind on newer shots. While in your class, I learned the information, I understood it, I used it in practice but unfortunately, I broke my arm. I was determined to get back to my original game. With your techniques such as looking good, coach-ability and focus, I was able to get back to my game, and I think that I actually got better. I came to the class in order to find out about myself and how I worked, and the class gave me insight into this.

Matt Fiore,

Collegiate Player at Thiel College

I really enjoyed your class. I liked the walking drill and learning how to act and make myself relaxed.


High School Player

This program made me realize what I’m playing for and gave me a better post shot routine.

Matt G.,

RMU Golfer

Very informative course that is vital to any golfer trying to improve.