Golf and Fishing?

OK, I loved this golf story!  I have played in a lot of pro ams and I've heard a lot of funny jokes and one liners but this one was original and really good.  I like playing with people who can have fun and enjoy the day.  That means people who want to focus on their shots,  but in between shots, actually want to visit and get  to know you!  I believe that is the whole point of pro ams!  Well, I played with a guy just like this last month in Memphis in the PInk Ribbon Open. We had a really nice day and I could tell it was going to be nice the night before at the Pro Am Party when we sat together and visited.  He told me he was "terrible" at golf but it didn't bother him and he had fun when he got out there on the course.

HIs disposition was calm and easy going at the dinner.  I met him and the rest of our great team on the course the following morning and we did have a great day.  To his word, my new friend was not so good on the course.  But also true to his word, he never really got upset and let it ruin his day.  I gave him many ideas and swing drills that he gladly listened to and tried out on the course.   He was so happy for the opportunity to now practice armed with this new information; which he had never heard of before.  He only plays golf 4 times a year or so  and he told me it is just a great chance to be outside and be with nature and enjoy the beauty.

Here is what he told me that really had me laugh on about the 12th hole. He said,

Golf is kind of like going out on a boat. I want to but I know I’m going to get seasick.

I thought that was hilarious. He knows he is going to play badly but he still likes going out on the boat!  I hope with some of my lessons, he won't get so seasick!