What I Now Know For Sure!

We learn some things in life by hearing about it or reading about it. Then we learn some things in life by living it!

Here is what I always heard in life and here is what I NOW know to be factual in life; You must be an athlete to be a good golfer- to hit the ball well.

I say this because I am in San Diego for spring break and I just finished playing Torrey Pines Golf Course. The day before, I played beautiful LA North Country Club. That is 2 rounds of golf in 3 days and travel time in the car. Remember, it is March and I live in PIttsburgh so I last played a round of golf in September. My swing feels good technically, but as I get older, I notice certain things don't seem as easy to do in my swing. I notice the flexibility that is needed to have the fluidity and timing in my swing- is just not as great as it once was for me. I also notice the muscular strength needed to "go after it" is there……. but produces a slower swing speed for me now. And, lastly the endurance in my muscles, especially the ones that have had some damage or limitations in them as I've aged, is not like the energizer bunny any more. After I finished playing my round and had lunch, my mind wanted to go hit some balls but my body said,  "You need to ice your shoulder and rest!"   Although I played well and my playing companions applauded my many good shots and how "good" I looked, I am telling you I Now know I am not the athlete I once was and my game is not quite as powerful and dynamic as it once was.

It is sad to me and yet I am realistic about it. I've been in good shape most of my entire life, I've exercised and stretched and ate well and felt healthy!  I've had the opportunity to play a lot of golf around the world on absolutely fabulous courses.  I've been able to compete with some of the best players and was able to watch their talented, coordinated, athletic bodies move through a golf shot! That all has been a privilege and a great learning experience. I will continue to eat well, exercise, get physical therapy on my body parts that are a bit sore right now, do more yoga, and breathe and laugh while on the course.  It seems like work to be able to play well; it is.  It is also work that allows me to feel great in life and give more of my energy and lessons learned and love to my friends and family and students. I'll keep doing it. I think that is the good fight! To all of you, I give you the nod to keep at it and even step it up if you're so inclined! Be a great Athlete.