Golf Builds Bridges

Building BridgesGolf builds bridges!  I’ve been talking about it, and observing and experiencing it personally for years.

Recently, my son started playing golf for his high school team and he started asking me to play with him!  I have met most of his friends and to have time with your 15- year old son’s buddies – undisturbed time with no phones, no distractions, is very unusual and has been very welcomed and really enjoyable!  I have really valued these experiences and it has allowed me to hear about my son from his teammates point of views. It gives me more information on how my son is creating himself in the world.  I don’t know about you, but as a parent, any information I can get on what my son is doing, thinking, exploring… I am interested in hearing about.

As far as my mother, the bridge I have into her world is also so appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed!  I have my common way of relating to my mom and when I get to see how others relate to my mom and how they see her strengths- again, it gives me a way broader vision of my mom and I so appreciate that injection of their point of view and my own potential attitude adjustment that I could take toward my mom to make our relationship continue to stay great. People we love often get pigeon holed into what we say is true about them and it does take that outside help at times to allow us to see their much broader roles and talents in life.

Of course I speak about “business golf” and how to use golf as a tool for creating specific business relationships.  I can go on at length how this is beneficial to creating success in your business.  But, what I haven’t talked about as much is how golf has also built a bridge for me to be able to experience relaxing, amusing, relationships with people I have never met and would have never met if it wasn’t for golf; people from completely different circles in life.  My world gets enhanced.  I get birds eye views into different existences- and I really value that!   Where we choose to take those relationships varies from person to person but the initial glimpse is something I really like.

Of course the people with whom I’m already a friend, when we golf, we can really banter and have some fun!  Golf is a great social game!  This past weekend when four of us ladies met for a round after work at 3pm, (we cut out early!) I was again reminded of what golf brings to my life when we were on the porch eating dinner together until almost 10pm.  As the round progressed, we were all having so much fun, we all decided to make the necessary phone calls to organize our lives so we could have post round discussions and dinner and we all left feeling happy and all was well in the world for another day!

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