Mental Mastery – Letting go of Looking Good

We don’t perform our best because we’re afraid of what others will think of us??

That is SO true!   OK, next question; How do you practice this? If this statement is true- how do we get better at not caring what others think about us????

That’s the question this morning – the morning Jordan Spieth is going out on his 4th round to try to win the Masters! His ability to capture this title is very much about his ability to let go and not worry that the whole world is watching and will then talk about and pick apart every aspect of his game, his swing, his putting stroke, his demeanor, his family, his physical body, his personal life……….. that is what happens when you put yourself out there!

So, here is the deal- here is how you practice this; you short circuit the process.  Just Know you are going to look badly at times- you are going to fail at times, choke at times,  and do stupid things in front of the world. You got to get this.

Now,can you accept this, know this, expect this……and then forgive yourself, laugh at yourself, know it is not everything ………..and now, let go and go play without worrying about what others will say about you.

That needs to be a big part of your practicing.  We do that in our Mental Mastery Program.  Our next one is May 8th and the following one is May 30th-31st.  Call for any details.

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